Mahatma On Currency Notes

The lean period of the early sixties led to considerations of economy and the sizes of notes were reduced in 1967. In 1969 a commemorative design series in honor of the birth centenary celebrations of Mahatma Gandhi was issued depicting a seated Gandhi with the Sevagram Ashram as the backdrop.

Rupees One Hundred - Commemorative Design

Management of Currency had to cope with the rising demands of a growing economy, together with a fall in purchasing power. The Rupee 500 note was introduced in October 1987 with the portrait of Mahatma Gandhi. The water mark continued to be the Lion Capital, Ashoka Pillar.

Rupees Five Hundred

Mahatma Gandhi Series

With the advancement of reprographic techniques, traditional security features were deemed inadequate. It was necessary to introduce new features and a new 'Mahatma Gandhi Series' was introduced in 1996. A changed watermark, windowed security thread, latent image and intaglio features for the visually handicapped are amongst the new features.

Rupees Ten : Size 137 x 63 mm

Image : Rupees Fifty
Rupees Fifty : Size 147 x 73 mm

Image : Rupees One Hundred
Rupees One Hundred : Size 157 x 73 mm

Image : Rupees Five Hundred
Rupees Five Hundred : Size 167 x 73 mm

Image : Rupees One Thousand
Rupees One Thousand : Size 177 x 73 mm